Cheater habitually

So me and my husband tried to reconcile after a real bad split! (Caught him on dating apps) so recently I looked through his phone and noticed that he was getting emails from Facebook! Me having my women intuition I signed in to his messenger and seen that he was secretly logging on his page telling some chick he has been talking to for years from high school off and on on some flirtatious shit like good morning and kissy faces! Tell me why this man had the nerve to say it wasn’t real when I showed him the messages and he said he didn’t write that and is STILL STANDING ON THAT!! I’m so shocked that even after the evidence is right in his face he still denies it and makes it out to be ME! Calling me bitches and shit 🤦🏾‍♀️ ladies we been together 9 years with 3 kids and it has been such a challenge to let go! But at this point I have to because why do I want to keep hurting myself for a man that does not love me or respect me ?!! It was just all sex with him because that’s all he wanted and needed daily!!! I believe some men are just not built to be faithful and loyal to one woman! His exes have also said how much of a cheater he was in our earlier years of dating and look at me now 9 years later just wasted my damn life!!! I feel so low and terrible!!!