Impatient just want thoughts!!

So I am 26 tomorrow I have been with my boyfriend for a couple months and we have sex...ALOT but just use the pull and pray method. Wellll on August 4th he did not pull out and according to my app that was my first day of ovulation. Well then he was leaving for a work trip and we had sex on the August 7th I was kinda cramping that day not bad just a little but only that day but we still had sex because well he was leaving and he did not pull out that time either! So today it says I should be starting I have not started yet but the last couple days I’ve had a really really light brownish discharge usually just when I wipe. Could this mean that I am pregnant? I want to take a test now but kinda want to wait till my birthday tomorrow and if I am pregnant my due date would be around his birthday! Not sad if I am just so curious! Kinda nervous I am getting my hopes up! Can anyone give me some input?