Ex barged into sitters house..


I’ve been A Stay at home mom for 2 years now. I worked night shift at a grocery store for about 6 months last summer and it was really hard because I couldn’t sleep during the day because I had to take my kids to and from preschool, then to my sisters so I could try to get some sleep. And I was also 35 weeks pregnant when I took a leave. I worked at a warehouse for 8 years before quitting there because I was leaving my sexually abusive ex husband who’s 23 years older then me. And he got with one of my friends from work which caused a ton of drama which led me to quitting and being a stay at home mom.

I’m ready to go back to work now, and I got a job on Friday right away which I wasn’t expecting. So I had to talk to my ex about his 75% of childcare that he owes. And this is what happened.

So it’s been like that all weekend going back and forth and him just being awful toward me.

He went and met the babysitter I chose on Sunday after I did, and that was bad. My fiancé went to back to the sitters house so he was there to diffuse any lies or anger about me and hoped they wouldn’t intimidate the sitter. And sure enough the second my ex and his wife got out of the car tripping on on my fiancé. Telling the sitter what they think they’re gonna pay. Then started arguing with my fiancé about bills owed. Had nothing to do with daycare.

So they ended up leaving the sitters pissed cuz of the price. So today was my first day at work. I was supposed to work 7-5 but got the part time shift I wanted instead. So I’m working 8-230. So I texted my ex letting him no my hours changed thinking he’d be happier cuz it’s going to be cheaper? Hell no was I wrong. They went to my sitters house, let themselves in and told her what they were paying coming up with their own figures. I just don’t no where to go from here. They are harassing the shit out of my sitter and myself.