This is starting to feel like an episode of Obessed on ID

Ok so a little back story. My mom and I recently moved to a new town. Its 2 hours away from where we used to live. We moved to this place because my mom wanted to live closer to my brothers (they live with my dad).

My moms cousin lives in the apartment across from ours. He is the maintenance man here where we live. He has a friend who lives with him. Let's call that friend C. Well as soon as we moved In here C has taken a rather intense interest in my mom. And when I say intense I mean it. The first week he came over every day, multiple times a day, to "check up on us". But really he would be trying to talk and spend time with my mom.

Which didn't really bother us too much. I mean C is a nice guy and so what if he had a little crush on her. We just went about our business as normal. He has helped my mom out alot with general maintenance around the apartment and even has watched our dog for us a few times. (Hes taken a complete interest in my rottweiler/lab mix ). Hes even expressed how he wants dibs if I ever decide to "get rid of her." Well Im most certainly not getting rid of my baby.

Anyways, hes also taken it upon himself to buy random things as well. Like hes told us that he has spent at least 40$ on Amazon in dog toys for R. And hes been actively looking for a bunch of furniture/tv/washing machines for mom. Even tho she never asked him to do so. Doesn't sound that bad right? I mean a little off but not bad.

Here's where it starts getting weirder..

Maybe 3 weeks into living in our new apartment started to get the feeling i was being watched from my bedroom window at night. And when I would look out I could swear I'd see a shadow. Now I dont know for sure If it was him or a figment of my imagination, but I was freaked out. I never told my mom. I figured I'm just being paranoid. (Btw he works on lawn mowers and stuff behind our apartment. Mom told him he could use the space back there)

Well C is still coming over every day. Everytime hes been over he always knocked on the door and waited for us to tell him he could come inside. One evening my mom decided to go rest her eyes a bit before dinner. I was getting things together to start dinner when I hear knocking. Now my dog, R likes to try to run out the door sometimes. So when I go to answer it shes trying to nudge her way between me and the door to get out. Well im holding it open enough to see who it is and its C. So I'm pushing R back with my leg and asking C what he needed. Instead of waiting for me to tell him to come in, he pushed the door open and R ran outside. So now hes in my house uninvited and my dog is about to run into the street. So I go outside and try to get R back in the house. He walks outside and helps me get her back. He then walks back into my house (without permission) and asks where my mom is. Before I can even tell him shes resting he starts to walk back to my moms room and asks if shes hiding from him. He gets to her door and knocks once. Without missing a beat he opens the door and walks in without her answering. And I'm like WTF?? My mom, thankfully, heard him at the front door and had gotten dressed. So she asks him what he needed (wasn't even important) and continues to talk to my mom and I for 45 minutes wanting to complain about my moms cousin.

So after we finally get him outside we look at eachother and kind of made a joke out of it. Just brushed it off as him forgetting manners for a bit. Well throughout the next few weeks he started getting more intense towards my mom. He started acting more possessive and jealous whenever she'd meet a guy and go on dates. Hed knock on my door at 9 at night and ask where my mom was. I'd say out with a friend (none of his business) and hed get this weird look on his face and say goodnight and leave.

We've been here for about 2 months now. C has been a good friend to us, just some thing he does is weird. My mom has already expressed to him that she doesn't like him in that way.

Now C has a troubled past. He had admitted to going to jail several times (infact he just got out several months ago) for theft, assault and drug charges. I never asked many questions why, its not my business. But it just made me more cautious of him. He even admitted that he has hit his wives in the past. But when he said that, he tried to back track and say it was self defense against his ex wives. But his face said more. My dad was abusive to my mother in every way and my mom wont even consider a man who has laid hands on their women.

So after he said that me and mom are more weary of him. After he left we talked and both agreed we had a strange feeling about him. Now my mom and I have this thing where we get feelings about someone/something and most of the time our feelings are correct. So when I told her I didn't have a great feeling about him, she agreed.

We also suspect that C is still on drugs. I've been around drugs my whole life and so had my mother. We've seen the effects of drugs with many people we know and love. There has been several times he would come over and look blown out. His eyes will be super dialed and hed have a weird far away look to his face. Or hed be strangely quite and have an air of aggression on him.

Whatever it is, it doesn't sit well with me at all. And it makes me very nervous whenever he comes inside our house or needs my mom for anything.

Yesterday he told my mom he wanted to get back into the oil fields. And when he does hes going to buy himself a house. And ye said since he will be away for 6 months out of the year, he wants to move me and my mom into the house to watch over my mom declined and said she'd be happy to go over and clean and look after the house every few days or so when hes not there. But we wont be living with him.

He just gives me weird vibes. He calls me sweety, honey, love, and doll. He calls my mom those things as well. He goes on rants about how gorgeous my mom is to him and how he will fight any man who says differently. My mom has stated several times over these past 2 months, that she had no interest in him romantically or sexually. But he wont take no for an answer.

Hes recently graduated to putting his arm around my shoulder or on my back whenever i see him. And it makes my skin crawl. I'm very good at hiding my emotions for people but it makes me stiffen every time.

He asks me about my moms favorite color, favorite flower, meal, ect. And it just makes me uncomfortable how hes so determined to win her over, even tho shes said no. And shes never expressed interest in him like that.

Idk, we both feel weirded out but he hasn't done anything explicitly wrong to us. And sometimes I feel like I might be overreacting. But I just can't shake the feeling.

Sorry for the long and unorganized post. Please tell me what you think. Am I overreacting or is this weird behavior?

Edit: my moms cousin knows he has a crush on her. And not to be rude, our cousin is lazy and not really all there. Hes taken alot of hard drugs in his life that messed up his brain. So I'm not sure hed really know what to do or even care. They both have a little side business together so hes kind of depending on him financially. Also, my mom and I are extremely tight on money. We can barely afford our Bill's as it is and this is the cheapest apartments we can go to.