Pregnant or weird PMS?🤷

Last month I had started feeling strange. After ovulating, and I was active during that time. So much so that I had taken a pregnancy test... Very faint but a line. The next test showed nothing. Then I started my period a few days after it should have started. That's odd for me usually it's spot on... It lasted 2 days... That never happens. My breasts continue to be painful and tingly. I'm fairly bloated, it's nearly time for my next period... 5 days from now and my back has been killing me all day. Almost like labor pain, I've been nauseous for over a month but today was the first day I've actually lost control of it.. ( tossed my cookies sorry for the tmi) could I be pregnant? If so... What was the 2 day period?

If I am pregnant I would be nearly 8 weeks... I've been pregnant before... I do know how it feels. And honestly it kinda feels like that.