I don’t feel pregnant and I’m scared of a miscarriage

Shari • Expecting 4/27/2020 👣🍼💖

I’m 18 and pregnant with my first little peanut 🥜❤️ I took 3 pregnancy test they all came back positive and I got it confirmed by my Doctor and I have my first oby appointment September 20th for my ultra sound and lab. I have very very light cramping. Alittle frequent urination, and some small headaches. I’ve cried randomly at times and have had little nausea. But I see all these woman having constant morning sickness and way worse symptoms then me and I’m wanting to know if this is normal. I’m puzzled and I just want my little munchkin to grow healthy inside my tummy! Any moms out there who could give me advice would be great!! ☺️I’m 5 weeks and 4 days