Sore nipples..?

Okay so I could use some help😅

So I’m sexually active and have an IUD. Well, I’ve missed my period this month and took a pregnancy test last week. Negative. It wasn’t a due test, it was the ClearBlue test that actually had the words “Not Pregnant”. So I know I didn’t misread it.

Well, a few days before the test my nipples start hurting. Okay cool, maybe it was just my new bra right? Maybe it’s too tight. Well I haven’t worn that bra since before last week and they’re still sore😩

I know it’s a sign of pregnancy, but my test was negative and I have no other symptoms of pregnancy or PMS or anything.

Can IUDs cause this?? I’ve never heard of them causing this. And should I worry that it’s been like this over a week straight?? Even wearing my bra hurts (it’s just a basic bra. No lace or anything fancy).

I went to the gynecologist today and she told me to watch out for pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and sore breasts, but I didn’t get a chance to ask her (office was running WAY behind and I was her last patient. Waited in the waiting room two hours🙄).

I trust the pregnancy test, but I just wanna know what’s going on with my body 😩

Any suggestions and insight would be greatly appreciated!!!