B.S. friendship


My husband Michael and his friend Aaron have been friends for years, and they had ups and downs in their friendship, I mean everyone does.

But the last four months have been complete and utter bullshit. A got a new girlfriend (Addy), who is Michael's ex. Everyone was fine and dandy with everyone else, until Aaron and Addy moved 5 hours away, without telling anyone. Aaron stopped responding to his friends, stopped coming around, stopped all communication.

Just an hour ago, I saw one of our other friends and he said that Aaron and Addy are living an hour away from our area, and that they come down to hang out with them a couple times a week. I got home and I told Michael about it and was like "now yall can hang out again, get back the friendship" and he told me that he knew where they were, and that they went out of their way to invite all our friends, EXCEPT my husband.

I defended this asshole! I said to my husband "Well babe they could be struggling and not wanting to admit it, he wants to do it on his own and not need help." Nope, hes just a twat face.

This is all pretty hard for him, especially considering that Michael is being shipped off to basic at the end of December. Now his best friend wont talk to him, they dont invite him anywhere, and now hes not going to see his best friend before he leaves for four months.

I really want to text these two 'friends' and just bitch at them cause the way Aaron is treating Michael really isnt okay. But I'm not gonna do that. Cause Aaron's relationship is gonna blow up in his fucking face and Michael isnt going to be there to be his buddy, and I can't wait to slam the fucking door in his face when he shows up to our house.