help !!


hey so i’m a freshmen at college right and there’s this guy. he’s so chill. first day all of us are in a room playing games and stuff and the next day idk we hung out again and it was like fun. actually as a joke (i think? idk) i said fuck you and he said is that on your to do list or an insult. and then i was talking about (in person) double and single things and he’s like i’m taken with jesus and then said nah i’m actually single and winked over at me. it made me like oH(:. continuing on we were talking favorite people and i’m like oh ur fav person just walked into the room (he was in his dorm and i was in the lounge which is another building) and he said i don’t have a favorite person but that spot is always up for grabsss. and my friends catch him staring at me. he can be as ass but idk what to do. last day he’s been distant a bit and it sucks. he’s so funny and everything i just wanna know what the fucckkk is up.