Nervous wreck


So last Friday I went to go to the doctors appointment... I thought I would be 6 weeks looking at my ovulation chart because I been on birth control... we took a test and bomb it came out positive I been having horrible back pain boobs super sore. Nauseated and super tired...

So back to the doctors we did all the test and now the ultrasound my doctors was looking and she said she couldn’t really see anything but we saw a small little black circle she didn’t want to say I was pregnant she said sweet heart if you are pregnant you will be 4 weeks and if you ovulated late because of my birth control I started crying because I was hormonal but she said there is a possibility I am because there is a spot showing where a baby can be forming..... so they pushed me to a case manager because of my birth control pills and my ultrasound

So after my appointment I took so many blood samples and found out my hug levels were 1244

Pushed to this morning they went to Hcg 4974.

They want me to take another hcg blood test weds and they will do another ultrasound on Thursday to see what’s going on..... I believe I am pregnant and god is with me but I am trying g not to worry like crazy and cry