How big are your babies at 5 months old?

So, my mom and I were just in Dollar General and the cashier said, "Oh she is sooo gorgeous! How old is she?" I responded, "5 months"...this girl did a double take and said, "Really?! She's pretty small for 5 months". My daughter weighs 15 pounds and was only 5 lbs 8oz at birth. Her pediatrician says she growing great given where she started. I was induced early due to having high blood pressure when I was pregnant. I almost went off but I'm not the type to cause a scene. I walked off and didn't explain any of that to her, because she doesn't deserve an explanation. My mom said something to her, but I was over it. My nephew who just turned 6 months on the 21st is weighing 17 lbs and his doctor is fine with his growth as well. much are or did your babies weigh at this stage?