Boyfriend Troubles

So my boyfriend and I have been together almost 4 years, we recently got an apartment together a month ago. Well a few weeks ago things started going downhill & he lost his job, which meant no income. His truck ended up breaking down that same week & in the shop, his father offered to get it fixed but as long as he paid him back. After getting the truck fixed, he now owes his father a decent amount of money. Before all of this happened he was already paying his father back for other things. After the truck was fixed, his father told him he needed to move out of the apartment & back home until he can completely pay him off. Well he ended up moving back home & now is only “allowed” to stay at the apartment on the weekend. I’m stuck in a rut because I’ve had enough of this crap & his father manipulating my boyfriend & controlling our relationship, but I can’t imagine not having my boyfriend in my life. Anyone have any suggestions or input?