First Runny Nose 🥺

Seraphina • ✨ FTM to my beautiful Honeybun 🤱🏽💕 💖 12.23.18 💖 Proof miracles happen 🙏🏽 👰🏽 Married to the love of my life 😍

My LO just turned 8 months. I’ve been so proud that she hasn’t been sick yet. Well, as soon as I had that thought, I noticed her nose running for the first time yesterday. Just a little. I thought it was weird. Then I pumped later that day and my milk looked different, similar to a pic of expressed milk I’d seen a mom post showing how the milk changes based on the child’s saliva and how amazing it is or bodies do that (she had twins and one was sick one wasn’t, she kept nursing each child from particular breast and the sick child’s breast was the one producing the different colored milk). This afternoon I felt a sore throat coming on. That’s when it hit me that we’re both coming down with something. I feel so sad, bc we’ve been good and I’m super particular about cleanliness, etc. It was tough getting her down to sleep tonight and that’s when I noticed her nose again. I suctioned it, and nursed her to sleep. Other then that, and a little more general fussiness than usual she’s still a pretty happy baby, playing, crawling, just seems a little more miserable as she’s tired. I started thinking and the only thing I can think of is when we left her in the church nursery yesterday, another child that had been absent the past 2 weeks was back, and the staff had mentioned he was absent bc he’d been sick. I thought he was better since he was there, but my husband recalls seeing his nose runny when we picked her up. I’m so bummed. I needed a place to vent, and ask for some good old fashioned wisdom. I prefer not to use any medicine unless it’s homeopathic. Anyone have any advice to kick this cold in the butt before it gets worse? Baby and I are going to spend a lot of confined time together, sleeping/nursing. Hubby is going to wipe down the house and keep my tea coming. I know I can’t protect her from everything but I can’t help but feel upset. 😢 Any kind advice would be appreciated.