Birth story


I decided to tell my birth story since I'm sitting in hospital bored lol.

It started on Thursday Aug 22 had cervix checked It surprised me when he said I'm 3cm. I went home and told everyone I knew it could be any day now. So that Saturday the 24th my 2 year old had errands went to Target Walmart 99cent store and WinCo grocery store came home cooked and went to the pool at 4pm and stayed in pool until 7:55pm. I came upstairs gave my daughter a bath n had weird pains n my thighs ignored thinking it was Charlie horse or something from pool my 2yr old still nurse so she nursed fell asleep around 8:30 pm. I fell asleep at 9ish woke to cramps at 10pm I had cramps on and off all night but at 2am they got intense and moved to my hips like they were with my daughter o would go to sleep just to be woken up every 30-45 min s o bad had to get on all fours numerous times smh I held out until Sunday Aug 25th woke up told my aunt who's staying with me until end of month about pain mind u I'm still having pain as I talk and prepare breakfast for my 2 year old by 1 pm I couldn't take it no more drove to hospital n they checked me I'm 5 1/2 cm in was admitted I was having big contractions with no pain and the little ones is when the pain came backwards ik after 4 hours I was 7 1/2 cm I received epidural ( it didn't take felt everything never was numb) after 3 more hours my butt and vagina had horrible pain I had nurse take catheter out because it made the pain even worse so we are sitting and waiting on Dr for about an hour ( I keep telling them I have pressure in butt n I have to pee or poop they said I can't get up) they ignored me welp as the Dr walked in i pissed on myself well at 9:40 we started pushing I was watching the TV while I pushed (I used it as a distraction from the pressure) pushing helped the pressure a ton but boy I tell you when his head was coming out I stopped pushing because contraction was over and his head was just sitting there man the ring of fire is no joke I told Dr in not having a contraction but I can't sit and bare this burn until another come so I told her I'm pushing now without a contraction she was okay with that in pushed two more times and boom my lil baby 7lbs 2oz 19in was born whew thank God that's over came 5 days early