Having in laws stay after baby?


So I’m trying to decide if I want to have my in laws fly out to stay with us after our second baby is born. I have a good relationship with them but I can be a very private person. We live across the country with no other family and I honestly just want someone to be here to watch my toddler while I give birth and that’s about it.

With my first Child I actually lived with my in laws and I holed myself in our living quarters for about 2 months and didn’t really have anyone watch my baby. Maybe this time it will be different because I’ll now have a toddler? I’m so conflicted because I want my private time with my newborn and would feel maybe having them over would just stress me more. Did any of you guys have a lot of help right after giving birth to your second child? Or did you prefer having privacy alone with just your children and SO?