I love my man so much 🥰


There are so many stories on here about no good, lying abusive cheating ass holes that we need to take the time to appreciate the good ones. For all the women going through a shitty time, never be afraid to leave and never put up with stuff you wouldn't let your daughters put up with. Women are strong independent people who hold families together, so stop letting these horrible toxic fuckers hurt you. You are all worth so much more! And there are nice men out there just waiting to find you. I was in a toxic relationship for 9 years where he cheated on me and left me every few months. Left me to explain to my kids why they're daddy kept going. I stayed because I was stupid and he had got into my head telling me no one else wouldn't want a single mother with 3 kids. The day I left him was such a relief, like a switch went off in my head.. And I no longer gave a shit what he said or thought. And guess what? A few months later I did find someone! That was 7 years ago and I still get butterflies even now when he send me txts at work. We have a 6 month old baby together and are planning to have 1 more. Only one chance at life you get, don't spend your best years being treated like shit, life is precious with or without a man. 💕