Just a little baby


Maribella Grace Leon was born 8/26/19 36 weeks premature at 7:22 pm with only less than 45 minutes of pushing.

This whole pregnancy was wild from start to finish. The last month up until she was born (started July 31st) was filled with antibiotics, steroids, and magnesium to stop contractions not once, but 3 times to try and get her to her due date in September. In the end, she lasted until 8 months where my water ended up breaking after a large meal at Texas Roadhouse - except I didn’t know my water had broken! There was a quarter sized drop of liquid on my underwear that smelt like semen and I thought it was just because my boyfriend and I had done the deed when we weren’t supposed to In the morning. Was having steady contractions all day 5-10 minutes apart but not painful. It felt more like Braxton Hicks so I didn’t go in until 4 hours after finding the wet spot in my panties. I had been 4 centimeters dilated since July 31st and around 70-80% effaced with contractions that gave no cervical change. Went to labor and delivery around 10 pm at night August 25th and sure enough my water had ruptured and they admitted me. During the night I had contractions every 5 minutes with absolutely no cervical change so doctor decided to induce me in the morning of the 26th. It took over 12 hours TODAY (not including the night before) for baby Maribella to be born. I didn’t get the epidural until I was 5 1/2 centimeters as the pain only felt like I was having a really bad period and not a baby. After the epidural it was smooth sailing (I couldn’t feel my legs or anything at all which was a god sent blessing) and soon enough I was dilated to 10! I pushed for less than 45 minutes and she came out crying. My beautiful little miracle put me through so much but I’m just glad she is a healthy little nugget. We get to go home Wednesday afternoon/night if she continues doing well.