Help! What do I do now?

ISO help!

My husband and I were married this April, we both waited for marriage and were so excited before marriage for it, we would make out all the time, usually initiated by him, like all the time, the tension was so thick.

Now that we are married he isn't used to having me around I guess and we discovered I have a much higher sex drive. He doesn't ever want sex and says he never thinks about it. Sometimes it can be weeks in between.

He doesn't have any issues performing and says I should initiate when I want it but he doesn't even recognize when I try to get things going the 'normal way' with kissing, cuddling or even trying hand stuff. It does nothing.

Then when I straight up ask if he wants to have sex it takes him so off guard he is surprised and answers 'oh ok' but never seems like he wants to or seems really tired. Then it turns me off because I feel like he is doing it out of obligation not because he wants me.

He really is the best life partner in the world and I love him dearly and he treats me like a queen but Iam having a lot of trouble seeing myself as sexy anymore and am out of ideas.

Any advice?