Ugh! Boyfriend says he doesn’t mind coming to pick me up so we can drop off apartment papers together tomorrow, but I feel like I’m bothering him because he doesn’t want to leave the house in the first place, and him driving to come pick me up + having to drive me home later that night since he has work the next day is making me feel SOOOOO HORRIBLE!!!!! But he SWEARS he doesn’t mind it but I’m SO convinced he’s annoyed with me!!!! Come on man, my period needs to give me a break here 😭😭😭 Plus my mom is trying to guilt tripping me into staying home because she has the day off, but I KNOW we aren’t going to do anything!!! I’ve been fighting with my head on what to do for the last day and a half and trying to fight off that Evil voice in my head that’s telling me I’m nothing and will never be anything and I’m LOSING!!!! Im so tired!!!!