Chances of pregnancy ??

I forgot I even ovulate Saturday.. and i had sex yesterday with this guy im getting to know more (like actually fully know) and im pretty 100% sure he finished inside me.. i left my bonnet in his car 😩 but he said it doesn’t matter cause im seeing you Friday 😏 im like ohh alright then I’ll make do while I wait til Friday really interested in him and he has a son (6) and the doctor says hes in really good shape but I just wanted to know the chances cause im far from on birth control 😳 and Im definitely gon give him a heads up on it I told i dont believe in abortions.. 🤷🏽‍♀️ me & my ex tried a month nothing happened.. no pregnancy so if i get pregnant.. god wanted this to happen like when me & him talk its nothing but us smiling hard as shit like we really have some conversations but back to the question i will appreciate a answer please

I kinda hope that we are meant to be in a way cause I really feel a strong connection we been playing for a year 😂 always suppose to see eachother & never do but we were probably gonna have sex Friday..