Wording the ‘I’m pregnant’ email to colleagues who will find my pregnancy less than ideal...

Hi sorry for the silly question but it’s my first pregnancy and I’m not sure how to go about this.

I’m a doctor who has just taken a year long surgical post (pretty much handed to me by the surgeons as I worked with them previously and they liked me) and I’ve just had my first antenatal scan. I’ll only be able to work half the year now and I want to let them know sooner rather than later out of common courtesy as they opened up this job specifically for me.

Any ideas on how to word it in a way that minimises their annoyance?

Edit: I don’t technically have a boss within the department so can’t organise a meeting with one particular person. Work is also hectic enough that telling each one of those that I will work with during these 6 months face to face isn’t really realistic. Thanks for all the advice though!:)