Pink Stork Fertility pill! Check this out!

Y’all I don’t know if it’s merely coincidence but I’m going to share anyways. I’ve been taking the pink stork fertility pills for a month or so but I stopped right before the first ovulation test on the picture (top). I just forgot and didn’t take them. The line was super faded! Then, I decided to take them the night before I took the first circled ovulation test..see how much darker it is?? Then, I got caught up in life and once again, forgot to take them. Aaaand they faded back to light. Then two nights ago, I was like ok I need to take them. I did and when I woke up and took the ovulation test, it was darker again! I don’t know if this is coincidence but the ones with the pills in my system are much darker than the ones that aren’t! Idk if this will give anyone hope but it sure did me! Then, this I forgot to take them again last night and my test this morning had a lighter line again. Definitely making sure I keep up with them now!