Faint line 3 days in a row


Okay so I tested two days before my period was suppose to start (i had no self control to wait until I late a few day lol). And I got a faint positive line. Not faint enough that i questioned if it was there but it was light. ( I posted it on here anyway and asked people just in case) everyone said it was good.

This is the first time I've finally gotten that darn little line so I'm super nervous to get my hope up. So I tested again yesterday and this morning. And both time the line was still faint like the one above. My cycle is irregular and glow has it as 25 days this one. My ovulation day was exactly two weeks ago and my period was supposed to start today. I'm nervous that it is still light because I've had a chemical miscarriage. What do you all think, is it a miscarriage or am I just in the early stages ?