Complicated Very Long

Bryanna • First Time Mommy to My Baby Boy

Me and my child’s father has been together for a year. And it’s been super rocky while I was pregnant I Broke Up With Him For 5 months didn’t really have a reason why I broke up with him just did. I guess while we weren’t together he started talking to other girls and I mean I Can’t Get Mad we weren’t together right! So before we got back together I was at his house one night and his WiFi went out so we used his laptop and I connected my hotspot to it but he had our sons ultrasound picture as his screensaver and I Was Like “Awww let me look at all his pictures” did that and Seen The Screenshots of Some Conversations He was Having with the females and like I said we weren’t together. So New Years <a href="">Eve</a> I was Talking to Him and Told Him He Had to cut all his Hoes off before getting back together, He Said It was no one else But I Knew it was a Lie 🤦🏾‍♂️ Like Come on Bryanna Gott be Smarter than that! Found out while we were together He was Still Texting Them Like Really Dude. Fast Forward It’s Almost time for me to be induced and I Wanted Him to Be Right With me First off I’m scared I’m finna Push a human being out of me and anything can Happen. So Successful Delivery Thank God !!!! So Fast Forward Some More I Asked Him if His Mom Liked Me Because Everytime I came around it just felt like funny vibes, and He Brushed It off Yea She likes you and if it’s funny it’s because of you like I ain’t even talk to anybody like that I said my hi’s and Gave Out Hugs and It still Felt like I Wasn’t Suppose to Be, Mind you when I gave birth I Texted His Mom and Step Mom Only His Step Mom Said Something About It you know like a Congratulations, his mother didn’t say anything at all. But she facetimed her son and I didn’t hear her say how is the baby how was I Nothing. Step Mom came and visited us in the Hospital and His Dad But Not His Mother ! Made Me Feel Some Type way but I said it’s Whatever I Have other things to worry about. So 3 Weeks Pass and She Asked could she see My Son I Ignored her Message Because Why 3 Weeks later you Wanna See Him He’s Been Here Lady🤨. Fast Forward I Sent His Mom a Message Telling Her How I Felt you know that I thought it was rude she Wait it 3 weeks to text me I Found Out how She Said She thought the Baby wasn’t even her sons Baby Saying the Baby doesn’t look like him at all and She Damn Right My Baby looks like His Mommy (me) Told Her About That She Just Had Me Fucked Up and My Message Wasn’t Rude or anything just simply how I felt 🤷🏾‍♂️. She Called and was madddddd and Told Me She Didn’t Like Me and Blah Blah Blah and She Told everyone About that Message. Fast Forward and at this point he’s finally in his own apartment he was living with roommates before and I Guess His Step Mom Lied to Him Saying that I was moving in with him and saying that I told her that he me not to work and he’ll take care of bills by himself, Now Mind Y’all Me and had conversation before he moved and like normal adults we both split bill and he pay Some I pay Some you know me and Him Talked about this All and If My Childs Father Ever Told me not to Work Boyyyy Bye What do I Look Like Not Working Cause You Told Me too😑 So I Asked Him Did He Believe That Stuff She was Saying he didn’t really say to much and that made me Mad Cause if we Talked about it like ....... So Now My Mom Kicked Me out because now she’s trying to put him on child support and I Didn’t Want to So Now I’m over his house You Know Doing the “Family Thing” and I Guess His Step Mom Found Out and Started trying to get his head Saying you know well if that’s what you really want like bitch of course that’s what he want cause if he didn’t we wouldn’t be over there. So a few weeks later I guess my mom and His Step Mom Are Having a Conversation and the step mom done twisted Every word my mom said and told my sons dad that my mom said that he isn’t the father at all like wow really lady so we’re lying now. I guess she ain’t want me over there at all Cause what she said to him Work he kicked me out told me he ain’t want to be with me and So on I left and told my mom shit lets put him on child support and that’s what’s happening now So Thursday We Are Talking the DNA Test and when it comes back saying it’s 99.9% His then 🤷🏾‍♂️ . Shut his momma up shut the step mom up Shut Everyone Who thought it wasn’t his Up. I Know Where My Stuff Been and it only been with him ! But the thing is he knows it’s his baby cause we’re doing the co parent thing and if he didn’t think this Baby was his then he Wouldn’t Come Pick him up every single day or at least Trying to See his baby. But he keeps texting me telling me how much he misses me and how Much he misses being a family and stuff like that😭. And Yea I Miss Him Too but If He Keeps Letting people get in between Our relationship this will never work so I Tell Him all the time we’re not getting back together cause it’s toxic and isn’t healthy Cause for some reason Everyone has Something to Say about it and it Annoying then he never defends my name when someone is talking down on Me Like Dude It Will Never Work Out. I mean I’ve given so many chances and it’s like I want to but at the same time I Don’t have time for stress and arguing 🤦🏾‍♂️ I Need Some Advice !!! Or some words of encouragement Something Please