Sometimes it’s so hard not to say “gfy”

🌹 • 👧🏻👧🏻-#3 👶🏽💙 Born 8/29/19 @ 33+4

So my newest third trimester problem is that my bras are getting pushed up by my tummy. I have a really short torso so even on the tightest strap setting, it looks awkward and poorly fitted. This just started within the last week and I just haven’t had the time/$$$ to buy new bras (they’re not cheap!)

Well anyway, I get to work today, and I was talking on the phone with my mom as I walked in, and a woman in my office says “time for some bras that fit right dontcha think?”

Literally almost threw my phone at her face because I’ve been crabby af as it is 😂

Why does everyone think it’s so acceptable to talk to a pregnant woman about her body/clothing ????