Scared, help please.

I was fooling around with a guy about 6 days after ovulation, we didn’t have sex, but I was rubbing myself on top of him, his penis was out from a handjob I was giving him and I had shorts on. I do not think he came even in the slightest, maybe some precum if even that. This was around 8/19-20 (i don’t remember the actual date) i expect my period on 8/26, as of 8/25 I have a very light flow, when I wipe there’s light pink blood (sometimes when I pee too). i do feel some slight cramping and sometimes it does get a little painful. I am having nausea, diarrhea, and bloating (usual symptoms for my periods) I have had irregular periods since about March. I am feeling some stress due to moving out, school starting again, and money problems. Could this just be my period being weird? I’m just very paranoid and scared. Thanks for the help.