Over feeding baby

Janae • First baby castle, Rj’s mommy🤱

So, I always explain to my family that my baby is 2 months and can’t take a 4 ounce bottle. The doctor only say 2-3,but they keep insisting that he needs it. When the only thing he does is throw it all up and mess his clothes up , now they calling me telling me, “ i think his stomach hurts.” “ I think he has colic,” “ I think you need to change his milk.” “ bring some more clothes he puke over them.” Like why??? I don’t want to be rude and take him away because they love to see him. He still his happy self, but now when I give him his regular amount, he screams his head off because he wants more and I try putting the pacifier in,but he wasn’t going for him so I had to make another bottle. My baby so greedy🤦🏽‍♀️