21 and Done


So I’m 21 my partner is 24 years of age and we so far have 1 lovely little boy who is 1 year old. An in October I give birth to our 2nd little man.

We’ve talked about trying for a girl since this on is a boy, but after the last few month of talking we’ve decided 2 is enough for us.

We announced to his parents that we were done having kids. (Out of their 3 kids- my partner- is the only one able to have kids)

We told them that when I go to deliver that he will be getting a vasectomy and after a few months I am going to be donating my eggs.

They we’re shocked and a bit disappointed because they wanted a granddaughter. I do feel for them since their own kids the other 2 can’t have any kids.

But, I am happy with our decision because it means we’ll be able to give our 2 boys the life and things we never had.