What do you eat when you’re sick of eating?!


I’m sooooo over food. Now that I have to eat according to GD food plan, I’m eating at least twice as much and twice as often as I had been. I’m sick of eating! Last night I just cried at dinner. I hate not being able to listen to my body! I’m literally eating just so I can take my sugars an hour later. I know I’m in my head about it, I’m just emotional.

In the mornings I’ve been eating two eggs scrambled on a piece of toast and sugars have been great. I can’t stomach another egg. Does anyone have anything light for breakfast you don’t have to spend a lot of time on?

I know I’m not allowed to skip a meal, but it makes me physically ill to eat all the snacks they want me to eat. How are you all doing it?! 😩