Dogs that don't listen

So I'm not sure where this goes, but anyways I have two dogs a husky and a lab mix I got him about 4 months ago and had the husky since she was a couple months old, well I'm having a problem with them fighting over anything! My husky usually gets territorial over anything same as my other dog. They also dent the walls chew on the wall and ripped up our couch, my lab mix also pees on it, they don't listen to anything. My lab mix is a barker, he usually is up until about 12 am barking to go out, so I let him out to use the bathroom but I don't like doing it because as soon as he goes out he barks and my neighbors are sleeping I feel terrible, he wakes up again at about 4 sometimes 6 in the morning to go out and again i hurry up and make sure he goes the bathroom and he starts barking and doesn't want to come in. I've tried to cut their water off at 7 so he doesn't have this problem but it doesn't seem to work much. I tried to walk them once and they just drug me all over the place, I know alot of this could be the lack of excersize but they are just too strong for me. My husband works all of the time so we take them to the dog park on the weekends since he can help me with them, we're saving up for training since it's kinda high where were at, but has anyone had success or things that have worked for them. I potty trained them pretty fast except for the couch I'm not sure why he keeps going up there to pee but all this other stuff I'm having trouble with.