Hey guys can I have alittle help!


So about 10 days ago I posted talking about how I was just starting metfromin and how I was just now tracking my ovulation. Well I have PCOS like I stated in my last post. Well.. Fast forwared to now, I'm currently 5 days late. I had sex 2 days before my period was due. We tried one 2 times before that. Now I currently dont have a period but have a awful yeast infection and brown discharge and also on the day of my expected period I had VERY VERY light pink and then it was gone. It literally only happened when I went to the bathroom like 2 times. I tested everyday since I've been late and its negative. Can i be pregnant? I mean is it even possible to get pregnant a day or two before your expected period date? Someone help😭😭😭 I have laparoscopic surgrey this Wednesday!