Cancelled plans upset hubby


I was supposed to go to my In-laws today for visit (once a week) last week was 2ice. Had my check up in the afternoon, the doctor's close to my parents house. I texted my MIL and said I'm not coming today afterall and explained it's too hot and baby's being fussy.

My hubby gets home all pissed off because I cancelled on his mother and he took the afternoon off to see us there. He assumed my app. Was in the morning. He said I wasn't being fair because my parents see her a lot more.

First of all they live 30min my parents 8min. He's mother isn't the best talker to have a "girl talk afternoon" she's focused on her grandchild and I just sit mostly quiet or practically talk to myself .

2. It's a heatwave today and at my InLaws they have no AC,my car doesn't have either.

3. My baby is going through her Spurt and has been fussy all day and on my breast.

4. On Sunday at my inLaws it was so hot that my baby was bothered and overstimulated, the evening was a nightmare. Ontop of that I was annoyed of them jumping on me that my baby is nursing too frequent and I should pump.

5. My parents house is quiet and AC. I left her with my mom to go to my doctor. Not to stress her out.

Was I selfish? Does my hubby have the right to be annoyed with me for cancelling?