Infertility ?

Is there any signs to know if you are infertile? I have regular periods pretty much come the same time every month. Not heavy, pretty light for 5 days. They seem to be sharp cramps though. I have ovulation pains all of the time. I have pain during sex only sometimes. I have been to the obgyn a bunch of times and been told I have no stds, no infections, nothing. I’m getting an ultrasound tomorrow tho for fibroids to see if I could have that. I’ve been having sex for a little over a year now with no condoms and haven’t gotten pregnant yet. I’m only 21 & we aren’t actively trying so seriously please no judgment but we are ready if it happens but it’s just worries me that somethings wrong with me mainly. I’m on a ton of medication for psych- which I’m stable for many years now and slowly decreasing and I’m on meds for chronic migraines and stomach issues. I’m not sure if any of this could cause problems or make having a kid harder. It just makes me want to have a kid even more because I want to see if I can get pregnant but I don’t want to really get pregnant for like another 2 years. And he’s I should use condoms but I’m allergic and very sensitive and haven’t seemed to find the right one yet so don’t bitch at me I don’t have time for that- we pull out at times and shit like I said we are ready if it happens. But I just want to know if there are ways to know before a doctor?