The next move?

So there is this guy at my work, he works in a separate department, but he’ll come over and talk sometimes and I just find him so attractive. A few weeks ago he actually asked me out, I said yes, but he went on vacation and when he came back it was never brought up again- so I just let it go. Yesterday, he came up to me at work and asked when I’m going to let him take me out. I was kind of surprised, I didn’t think he was still interested. The thing is, we got cut off in conversation because of customers but I don’t want it to fizzle out again. I’m kind of a shy girl with an outgoing personality so bringing it up to him makes me nervous. Should I gain the courage and bring it up to him the next time I see him or just wait for him to finally ask for my number or something.

I know I’m overthinking it lmao I just could use the advice