The day I found out I was preggers!


Yesterday was me and my husband’s wedding anniversary and in looking through pictures of us, I found this gem! I had just come back from a week long business trip in Peru and I ended up being hospitalized overnight during my trip from being ill (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, sweats) all during the day I went to Machu Picchu... it was a horrible 14 hr experience. Although they didn’t test for pregnancy while in the Peruvian hospital, I had a gut feeling after that experience that I was... This picture was taken the morning after I got home from my trip after we found out my gut feeling was correct! We now have a 7 week old daughter and experiencing this whole parenthood thing by his side makes me love this picture so much more ❤️

Share your gut feeling moments or pictures from the day you found out! I’d love to hear everyone else’s stories!