Supply issues HELP!

Brooke • momma to be, living life w/ an amazing man & two fur babies, baby girl due April 25, 2019 💕

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone else has had supply issues and has had to supplement??

I have had three breast surgeries so I was surprised I was even able to BF at all. When my milk came in, and for the first few months, I had an oversupply & was EBF, while stocking up on a freezer stock. All the sudden around 3 months it dropped significantly and I had to start supplementing with formula. I have literally tried EVERYTHING! I have tried Milky Mama products, Teas, Legendairy Milk, ALL kids of cookies and treats. Nothing is working.

It’s just getting lower and lower and I think it’s time for me to just stop, but I feel SO guilty. I breastfeed her in the morning and still have to supplement because she doesn’t get enough. I pump while I’m at work and I went from getting about 5oz per session, to barely getting 2oz.

Has anyone else been through this? I don’t know why I feel so terrible if I stop, I keep trying so hard but nothing is working for me and it’s draining.