I'm feeling down

Every single day I never get even half an hour on my own. I try to do all I can do whilst my SO is home and even then my daughter will need feeding or something. She's almost one And still won't eat anything. Then throughout the day I'll try to get her to nap and she doesn't ever nap without me there. At bedtime it's the same thing over and over, I'm just sat or laying there for hours. These days I'm in tears cos I never get anything done and I mean anything. I feel like I have no life, I just eat food and try to entertain her.

Or spending hours trying to get her up sleep. I can't go toilet without her crying at the top of her lunges. Ah I'm going crazy each and everyday. I feel so resentful all the time. I'm meant to be going to work but how when I can't even get her to sleep by herself. It's been a whole year and nothing works. I never get enough sleep which I know is usual but not even 5 mins to comb my hair every day.I'm so tired of it all. Some days I even wish I was a man cos my SO doesn't have to deal with even a quarter of what I put up with. I miss my old life. I understand I would have to make sacrifices, I've been with my daughter everyday for year. Tried to get her to sleep every day and it rarely works. I never spend time with my partner I just fall asleep with my daughter latched onto me arghhh