*Trigger Warning* **UPDATED**

I’m scared to death but I feel I may be having a chemical. It’s my first baby 😢 I had my first really light positive at 9DPO and light positive 10DPO and although light it was clearly a positive, I repeated on a few more sticks with different urine during the morning and all looked the same, well last night and FMU this morning and the line is barely noticeable at all 😭

After this I will never test early again and just wait until AF appears or doesn’t.

I don’t have any AF symptoms at all, I’ve had light cramping in my ovary/uterus area since 5DPO. She’s due in 2/3 days.

Is it just because it’s so early? Or is the fact that the line lighter than yesterday mean it may not be a viable pregnancy?


This morning

I don’t want to tell my SO as we have been trying for 6 months and I know how excited he’ll be. I was hoping for it to be darker and more noticeable before telling him. But apart of me is so sad and scared I wish I had him comforting me 😔

Is it simply just too early and should I just stop and wait until missed AF?

Have any of you ladies had a similar thing happened and still got your blazing positives and a viable pregnancy? 🤞🏼💗💙✨✨✨


I ended up breaking down crying telling my partner, he was so lovely and supportive and I’m glad I told him (I just wish it was under better circumstances!)

We got our BFP 13DPO and pregnancy has been confirmed by Dr as 4 weeks 2 days. I go in for blood work tomorrow and a potential early ultrasound as I’ve had severe cramping (no bleeding) Dr assures me it’s just my body adjusting. Maybe I’m just being paranoid? Not sure I just know I don’t feel right with these consistent cramps. Praying our little miracle is going to be okay and we’ll be seeing them in 8 months time! 🤞🏼💗🤞🏼💙🤞🏼