I made a big mistake pleaseeee give me advice 😰😰

Basically this guy started sending me snaps and I asked who he is and he said that he was at the same beach resort as me and thought I was cute. I don’t even know how he got my snap. So he sent pics of what he looked like an all and I was kinda freaked out. Then he asked how old I was and that he was 16 and I looked around and saw him on the other side of the pool. I told him I was 15 and he seemed nice so I was just chatting about things. Then he said what would I do if he came over and kissed me so then I was like um i wouldn’t let you do then he was asking all these personal questions like how many boyfriends and how far I had gone with them and stuff and I got all uncomfortable. So later I went home to shower and he would stop messaging me and asked for me to send pics of my body. And now he said he wants to meet me in the area behind the showers at the pool and just tell my family that I’m going to the bathroom or something and wants to make out with me. I’m doing my best to avoid him but he thinks that we have something going and would be annoyed and confused if I just aired him. I swear I didn’t message him back for like 20 mins and he started asking why I’m airing him. 😓😓 what should I say to him btw I’m leaving the resort of Saturday so I just need to avoid him but he said next time he sees me at the pool he wants me to leave my family and meet him.

Update: he said that he would be looking out for me next time he’s at the pool so if I block him he will just come over and ask why I did it but i really don’t want to have to talk to him at all especially in front of my family.

Update#2: I told my older sister and she said he messaged her aswell, we both blocked him and have told the pool security.