If you have Fibroids (undiagnosed PCOS) while dating you don’t need to use a condom (read below)

The first doctor I saw basically told me I would never have kids, period, without even looking at my labs or doing ultrasound. Went to another doctor and they did an ultrasound and saw I have 10+ fibroids in my uterus but wasn’t fully diagnosed with PCOS as hormones are normal and period started again once thyroid meds were on board. I ask cause I’ve been single for a year, but 2 years prior my SO and I had sex everyday unprotected and nothing happened. I’m not on birth control and not a future option of mine, but once I date someone, is it ok to go without a condom? Since for 2 years had no success and the fibroids, like why waste money on condoms, ya know

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