Type two diabetes. HELP.

Does anyone know anything about type 2 diabetes? I just went to the doctor today for the flu and my A1C test (I had them test for it I always do) was 6.5%. I’ve been doing research since I got home and freaking myself out. I am 21 years old and my dad and grandfather are diabetic. I don’t want to worry them with telling them anything yet. The doctor said to come back in a week or two when I’m feeling better and she will test again and may put me on a prescription to help it. Apart from that she just said avoid sugar intake for the next two weeks and sent me home. I have anxiety so I may just be freaking myself out and may just need someone to tell me to calm down and I’ll be fine. The doctor said since I was young it’s treatable? Is that true? I don’t know what to do now guys I’m truly freaked out. I held it in at the doctor but now that I’m home I’m scared. Can I even eat a meal? Note I still have the flu. I’m just anxious and stuff I’ve always seen my father take shots after his meals. Idk I’m just scared of complications from something as simple as eating lunch or am I ok? Should I just avoid sugar and act normal? Help plz? Calm me down lol I need you ladies.