So hurt.

My s/o and i has a fight and my MIL overheard. She asked what was the issue. I told her I’m tired of my s/o not doing anything properly. He refuses to clean or work. I work mom-fri and then come home to clean and take care of baby. He says it’s because he gets SSI money (it only pays his car and phone bills). But I have to pay for rent and then get the food and other bills. So he’s only paying for his stuff. I told her I’m tired of cleaning and working and feeling exhausted while my s/o kicks his feet up and games all day.

Then my MIL had the nerve to say “well back in MY day the women took care of the baby and cleaned and everything! It’s strange I don’t get how people are SO lazy now”. I’m here like bruh. Your son doesn’t even provide! Like I would understand if I was a stay at home mom but I’m doing everything while he goes out and hangs out with his friends till late and game.

What pisses me off more is she likes to talk shit that I’m a bad mom because I work and formula feed. Like wth I’m trying to provide for what your son is not!

I don’t know you guys. She likes to say that my skin color (dark) is weird and that my s/o should have gone with someone else. She hates short, dark people or people with “flat faces” as well. And it makes me doubly pissed because I’ve done nothing but be nice to her and even helped her with yard work while I was pregnant!