Scare with a good outcome

Sandra • Mom of two, personal trainer and crazy fitness lover, animal nut, Navy Veteran, and wife!

I had a bit of a scare the last couple days. Was bleeding bright red, so I called the doc and spent yesterday at the hospital. The second sack we saw two weeks ago is gone, which we thought might happen. Baby is measuring 8+6 instead of 9+3 (which I actually expected), but they aren’t changing my dates. Nice strong heartbeat. I go back next week for another scan and to check on my glucose. I am emotionally exhausted. Cried myself to sleep night before last when it started, spent yesterday morning crying when I discovered it hadn’t stopped, cried while waiting for hours in the hospital (it was super busy), and then cried again when my doc turned on the monitor so I could hear the heartbeat! I am so beyond relieved! Baby was wiggly and happy!