Dying my hair ??

Emily 🤩

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and I got highlights when I was about 12 weeks and now I hate my hair so much and just don’t wanna go anywhere without my hair being up so I have made an appointment to get my hair all over dyed a darker color but my mom said I will have to get it done now and in October so my hair looks good for my shower. She says I shouldn’t do it twice cause of all the chemicals going into my scalp. Should I cancel my appointment for this Friday and just deal with my hair for another month and half :( does anyone know if me doing it twice in such a short amount time actually affect or hurt the baby? I am fine with wearing my hair in a bun whenever I go out for the next month and a half if it means keeping my little boy safe although it really is making me feel down on myself and literally keeping me in the house so nobody sees me :( . Any advice or help would be great :)