Need advice

So my husband and i have just been so off this last week... everything I do or say he has to Be in charge. All the way to dictating how I explain things. It’s not that I’m hard to understand or don’t get to the point.. he just is being controlling and I don’t understand why.

And if I reprimand him and tell him I don’t like being bossed around or talked down to like I’m a child he will just hang up on me and not talk to me for hours. He ignores me purposely cause he knows I hate it.

I try really hard to be easy going and patient but I feel like I’m being takin advantage of my niceness of not wanting to fight..

I’ve tried talking to him about it nicely and he just feels like I’m blaming him for everything and that I think I’m perfect.

He won’t even help contribute ideas on to help the matter. He just gives me the silent treatment and and stays mad for long periods of time.

I just feel like a big fat punching bag.