Cbf with visitors after giving birth

Anyone out there can't stand having people visit you and your new born baby?

My baby was born 9 weeks ago now and I just can't be bothered with visitors. I actually find it exhausting having to make sure my house is reasonable and to have everything organized especially with myself being showered, dressed and fed before they arrive.

I can't stop thinking about the germs they potentially could bring (we have measles and the flu going around quite badly where I'm from).

I also start getting anxious when people hold my baby because how some people try to kiss her and I are people touching her face. Arrrgh!

This is my first baby and I'm also breastfeeding so even when I think it's a good time for them to visit , it always ends up being inconvenient for me - i am a more private person so I don't like to breast feed in front of ppl other then my husband.

I just wish I would have known how exhausting it is having visitors and if I did it all over again I would have definitely turned my phone off.