Trouble conceiving after 3 successful..


Hi! Might not be anything anyone can suggest but I thought I would ask. I’ve have 3 successful pregnancies. We have 8, 6, 4 yr olds. Finally convinced my husband for one more back in sept last year. Had IUD removed. First month tracking and trying I got pregnant in dec but lost it at 5 weeks. I thought it was due to stress (loss my MIL to cancer on Christmas). Waited a month and then tried again & got pregnant again and lost at 4/5 weeks again. Waited a month again and end up having a chemical pregnancy. Here it is 3 months later (waited a month and trying for 2 months) and no success. My dr said our ins doesn’t cover fertility specialists. I did convince her to give me progesterone once i get a positive to see if it helps keep pregnancy longer. This is all new to me, never had issues with my other 3. Only thing different i can think of is I was on IUD instead of pills this time and I’m older 36 now. Is there anything I should try or ask dr to do?? Thank you for reading and for your support. It’s been a rough 8 months for us and we could really use a little bundle of joy.