1am Purchases!


I’m just scrolling through social media since I don’t feel tired enough to sleep yet.. and I come across something that I think would be a nice gesture for me and my boyfriend.

Distance bracelets! They look gorgeous😍 and they’re on offer for today only, so after doing a bit of research about the company since I’ve never used them before I decided to buy them!

And now I’m afraid I may never sleep because I’m too excited for them to come so I can send them in the post to him with a letter I’m going to write🙈(I’m kinda old fashioned)

We try to see eachother as much as we can but it’s kinda expensive to jump on a plane as often as we would like to, without mentioning that he’s a hard worker and getting time off isn’t always easy and I have to wait for college holidays otherwise the weekends are just to short!

I can’t wait to surprise him now🙈😁

Just gotta manage to keep it to myself without blurting it out to him!!😂

(Our first fish together) we are both fishing mad😳🙈