pls read

I watched my best friend and her boyfriend peacefully sleeping together snuggled up against each other.

I had always told my best friend that I'm only a teenager for so long and I didn't want to spend time on stupid boys who don't care.

And even though that all made perfect sense, why did I crave it?

Why was I aching for someone to hold hands with. Someone to hug endlessly. Someone to give me those soft forehead kisses. Someone who would pick me up and toss me into the bed or into the pool.

Why did I want it so bad?

I know boys will just break your heart. They'll pretend they care when they really don't. So why do I want to get involved with one so bad?

Am I being smart by not spending my teenage years with some high school boy like all my friends? Or am I just afraid? Will I have regrets?

Watching my best friend and her boyfriend is making the change my mind.

I'm scared that I'm going to get hurt.

But I crave it so bad.

Not the inappropriate things. Not that at all.

Just someone who will love me and treat me right. Be my best friend. I know that will definitely not be a stupid high school boy.

What should I do?

I'm scared if I wait until I'm graduated and going into my 20s, I'll regret not finding young love when I was in high school.

They're pros and cons. I need advice.