Venting 😩

I just need to vent for a second 😩😩

I’ve been so nauseous my whole pregnancy, but not the puking kind-just the feel terrible all day. I’m a SPED teacher so i had the summer to relax and get things ready for her nursery.

School started back up 2 weeks ago. I have a new aide working with me and it’s a new kind of class. I don’t like change 🙅🏻‍♀️

On top of being “beginning of the school year tired” I’m also “I’m 34 weeks pregnant and fucking over it” tired, plus is Florida and a million degrees, AND it’s rained everyday so my kids haven’t gone to recess. 🤦🏻‍♀️

My husband has been quiet tonight so i asked him what’s wrong. He said “nothing. You’ve just been crabby the last 2 weeks or so”


He’s wonderful and has been so supportive and helpful so it’s not like i can be mad at him for being irritated that I’m grumpy and tired and sore and sick and have a cold but i just needed to have a little pity party for myself 😭

All i want is a bowl of ice cream but...gestational diabetes so i have to wait until after i test my blood sugar (😂)😭

Ok I’m done 😂🙈